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Spay or Neuter Contract

                        Spay/Neuter Contract
 Spay and neuter agreement which will be signed when purchasing a puppy as "pet" only. This agreement is legal and binding. If purchasing a puppy as "pet only you will be required to have your puppy spayed/neutered before any registration papers are received by the purchaser. IOEBA, AKC or CKC papers on dog or puppy will be with held until notification of altering of the animal is received and verified. Permanent ownership of this dog is contingent upon your compliance with this Addendum. Proof of the spay/neuter must be received by the (PURCHASER'S NAME) within fourteen (14) days after the surgery. In the event that the dog’s health does not allow this agreement to be honored, Buster Brown Bulldogges must be provided with a statement from your veterinarian that this dog is not yet in physical or emotional condition for surgery. Based upon the veterinarian’s evaluation of this dog the (purchaser) will contact the veterinarian and establish the earliest date that the procedure can be performed. (PURCHASER) will notify the BREEDER of this amendment in writing, at which time all other conditions of this agreement will apply and be enforced.
This is the responsibility of the PURCHASER, not the veterinarian, to ensure that Buster Brown Bulldogges has received verification that the surgery has been performed. Failure to comply with this agreement by the date below, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of the Contract, and PURCHASER will transport this dog back to Buster Brown Bulldogges and will not be entitled to a refund. By my signature below, I agree to have this dog spayed/neutered by no later than__________________________, and I understand that this spay/neuter agreement is an agreement that this dog will not produce a litter of puppies either as purposely bred or by accidental breeding. I also agree that should puppy not be altered that I will return said puppy back to Buster Brown Bulldogges with no refund.
Signature:___________________________________ Date:____________________
Purchaser's Name: (please print):___________________________________
City:___________________ State:____ Zip:____________
Telephone number (home):(______)______________ (work):(______)_______________
Breeder's Signature______________________________
Neutering a male eliminates the possibility of testicular tumors and efficeintly reduces the chance of prostate problems.Neutering decreases the chance of perianal tumors and hernias, that are in older, unnuetered males. Neutered males are less likely to escape a yard and find a female in heat. This reduces the chance of them being hit by cars, getting into fights or lost. Females spayed before their first estrous cycle reduces her chance of mammary tumors, ovarian cancer and uterine infection A spayed female eliminates the neighborhood stray males from coming over or through your fence to breed with her. .Spaying and neutering before sexual maturity has a temperament benefit. Males neutered early in life tend to be less aggressive. Neutered males are less likely to mark in the house. A spayed female does not have hormonal mood swings and will make a far superior pet. A female with a litter can become very aggressive. Spaying makes your female a better companion.There can be many serious risks involved with breeding. The mother can develop complications and require expensive medical treatment.  There are so many animals out there already and the shelters are full of unwanted pets.

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