AKC English Bulldogs & IOEBA Olde English Bulldogges


Previous Puppies





2015 puppies

Previous 2014 litter. All puppies in this litter have new homes.

2014 pups

2013 litter

May 2012 litter

 Nov 2011 litter

Thank you to our New Bulldogge Families

Now Moose. Thanks Kelsey

Now Moxie. Thanks Lisa Thanks Marie

thank you Lori Mac Thank you James

 Rocky  Thank you Tom        Tank Thank you Jill

Bruiser / Peanut  Thank you Don                 Lucy Lu  is now Gertrude  Thanks Jill
Maggie   Thanks Brian                  Mack / Rico Thanks Lorenzo

Champ    Thanks Alicia                  Brutus    Thank you Cathy

Gismo   Thanks Chris                            Bandit   Thanks Chris

Katie has a new home thanks  Katelyn

 May  2011 litter

 Puppies  sold

                    Toby has a new family                        KungPao Has a new Family                                                Brandy has a new Family
                            Thank you John.                                                        Thank you Matt                                                             Thank you Steve


                              Max has a new Family                     Rocky has a new family                                          Roudy/Murray has a new family
                                   Thanks  Kathy                                Thanks  Chris  & Mel                                                  Thanks Brenda & Scott

             Bindy has a new family                                     Peanut has a new Family                                 Gust has a new home
             Thank you Joe                                                             Thank you Kim                                           Thanks Laron

  Born  01/ 29/ 2010




Sold Puppies

Diesel (AKA) Bandit

Bandit has a new Family Thank you Mandy and Anthony


Brutus has a new Family  Thank you Mr & Mrs Fox

  Rocky has a new home. Thank you Cassandra Darnell

Buddy has a new home  Thank you Brian

Butchy has a new family picked out. Thank you Keven


Ziggy (aka) Diamond  Has a new home Thank you

Mr. & Mrs. Lane

Lucy has a new family picked out

Thank you Rene and Brian Smith








       Theodore has a new family all picked out

                       Thank you Steve and Kolleen Thomas









   ALVIN Has a Family all picked out.       

       Anthony F Amercus Family

    Thank you  Anthony

   Simon has picked out a new Family too



Thank you Kim and Kingsley Laviolette





These are our last litter of puppies from This spring 2008

Lilly Lady and Roscoe P. Coaltrain

Hanna Montana has a new home! Thank you Janelle Flint!

Jason has a new home. Thank you Bill!

Toby has a new Family! Thank you Daniel Shephard

Max has a new Family! Thank you Heather Szyska

Lindie has a new Family! Thank you Candice Ludwig

Mindie has a new Family! Thank you Chris mancuso

Rachel has a new Family! Thank you Vicky Walsh!

Rocky has a new Family! Thank you Antiona Cruz!

Bindie has a new Family! Thank you


These puppies are from our 2007 litter

Maude Dawg and Roscoe P. Coaltrain










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